TCL FRP Bypass Without PC

Before explaining how to unlock the Google account on the TCL phone, it is necessary to know what FRP bypass is, how it works, and the best ways to remove the Google account smoothly and without problems. here, I share you how you FRP bypass TCL smartphone.

FRP or (Factory data reset) is a data protection feature for all Android smartphones like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola and other phones. when the First run smartphone and if a user adds a Gmail account FRP is automatically activated. so, It is forbidden to use a smartphone after Factory Reset.

if you don’t want to use FRP Lock Then Simple you can disable the Factory Reset Protection feature from your TCL Smartphone via to delete the Gmail Account from the Smartphone Settings by going to Settings > Accounts > select the Gmail ID > remove account.

What Do I Need To use This latest method?

  • TCL smartphone running on Android 12, Android 11.
  • active internet connection.
  • A computer or smartphone
  • Basic knowledge of navigating your TCL Smartphone settings and options.

how to TCL FRP Bypass Without PC Android 12?

  • First, Power on your TCL Phone.
  • then, Tap the Start option.
  • Connect your phone to a Wi Fi.
  • Return to Welcome Screen.
  • Go to Vision Settings > Talkback > Use Talkback.

  • Draw the letter ⅃ > Select Use Voice Command.
  • Say Open Google Assistant.
  • Double tap to select the keyboard.
  • Disable Talkback by pressing Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  • Type Google and press Enter.
  • Tap the Google icon => Click on the Google Mic and say Open Chrome.
  • In the search bar, type URL:
  • Go to the FRP bypass APK and tap to open the FRP APPS section.
  • Select Open Settings App and tap “Open.”
  • then, Scroll down and select Accessibility.
  • Turn on Accessibility menu shortcut => Allow => Got it.

  • Return to the Settings main menu.
  • then, Open Apps & Notifications => Select “See All Apps.”
  • Tap on the 3 dots => Show System.
  • Select Android Setup => Disable => Force Stop.
  • Open the second Android Setup and Force Stop it.
  • Tap the Back key => Scroll down and select Google Play Services.
  • Disable and Force Stop it.
  • Return to the Main Welcome Setup by tapping the back key multiple times.
  • Tap Start => On the Copy Apps & Data screen => Tap the Back key once.
  • Tap on the Accessibility Shortcut icon => Select Assistant.
  • Then tap on Settings => Enable Google Play Services.
  • Tap the Back key once.
  • On the Connect to Wi Fi screen => Tap Set up Offline => Continue.
  • Finally, you have successfully bypassed the FRP lock on your TCL phone.

how to TCL FRP Bypass Without PC Android 11, 10?

  • First, Tap the Emergency Call button and press Emergency Information twice.
  • then, Click on the pencil edit icon at the top.
  • Select Name – Owner.
  • Click the profile picture icon => Choose the Choose an image.

  • Tap the 3 bar icon in the top-left corner.
  • then, Select either Drive to access the App Info screen.
  • Now, choose Permissions => Tap the search button at the top.
  • Type settings in the search box => Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Look for Settings – App Info and click on it.
  • Click OPEN to launch the Settings app.
  • In Settings, Go to Apps => VIEW ALL 40 APPS.
  • Click on Android Setup.
  • Press the FORCE STOP button to disable this app.
  • Click OK when prompted.
  • Now, go back two steps and open Google Play Services.
  • Click the DISABLE button to stop the Google Play Services app.
  • Click DISABLE APP when prompted.
  • Go back two steps using the back key.
  • Press the back button twice.
  • then, Click on Accessibility => Accessibility Menu.
  • Turn on the accessibility menu shortcut and tap ALLOW.
  • The shortcut is now created.
  • Use the back key multiple times to return to the first page.
  • Click the accessibility menu shortcut and select the first option, which is ASSISTANT.
  • If it fails to open the Google Assistant app, click “Settings” to proceed.
  • Now, tap the “ENABLE” button to turn on Google Play Services.
  • After enabling the app, go back to the “START” screen again.
  • Click START to continue.
  • Click the back button once.
  • Click on Set up offline, then CONTINUE.
  • Click the Accept button on the Google Services screen.

  • Skip the screen lock setup.
  • Skip the face unlock setup as well.
  • Finally, you have successfully bypassed the FRP lock from your TCL phone.

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